Region: Antioch, Santa Barbara (Colombia)

Crop altitude: Between 1,200 mts and 1,500 mts above sea level, characteristics that make a quality coffee. 

Harvesting: Manual, only when the fruit is ripe and at its optimum.

Drying: In the sun on cement sieves leaving the grain at 11% moisture, raked with a layer of thickness not exceeding 6cm in height. 

Controls: Selection and screening by Colombian technicians, achieving a homogeneity of all coffee beans.

Import: in dry containers, maintaining a temperature and environment suitable so that the coffee does not undergo any modification.

Type: Arabica, Moka

Criba: 17-18

Grain: Medium roast with medium-sized light brown grain.

Intensity: soft-medium

Cup: just A balance of acidity with floral nuances and pronounced chocolate flavours that give the coffee cup a unique aroma and flavour, characteristic of Colombian coffees.

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